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Social Work

In the MIS students strive to be solidarity members of the community, demonstrate a personal commitment to the service and act with the purpose of positively influence the lives of people and the environment. Community service requires that students be able to establish authentic connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they face in the community. When it relates to learning in the classroom, the service experience offers opportunities to apply concepts, skills and knowledge, since students explore the community in all its complexity, form personal opinions, acquire new skills and improve existing ones, achieve greater self-confidence and take more responsibility by becoming "real-world actors" outside of school.


MIS is responsible for planning opportunities for students to participate in service activities with the community. These opportunities must be compatible with the learning outcomes related to the service under the program.


Throughout the year we carry out the "School for Parents" where lectures are offered with relevant topics for the integral formation of the students, on educational and social trends, that in addition to giving guidance to the parents in the education of the children, it is also seeking to strengthen ties between the community.