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Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Madison International School, Campus Country-Mérida. Here at the MIS Country-Mérida, we offer high-quality international education programs in top-level facilities. Our students have the opportunity to experience highly rigorous and interesting teaching through the International Baccalaureate Programs, which include the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program and, starting with the class of 2020, the Diploma Program.


MIS Country-Mérida belongs to the Madison School Group, which has more than 35 years of experience in the education sector. We have seen thousands of MIS students grow up to become successful young people, professionals and citizens of the world. Year after year, we propose to improve, innovate and impart high-level educational methodologies, cultivating diverse cultures and improving the prestige of MIS.


Opened in 2015, the staff, students and families of MIS Country-Mérida have quickly cultivated a welcoming and innovative school community where students have the opportunity to collaborate on social service projects, demonstrate their knowledge and creativity through public exhibits, participate in International travels and build friendships with people from all over the world.


Our school community is defined by the attributes of the IB student profile that we seek to develop in our students: we take pride in being principled, open-minded people who care about the world around us and can ask questions and defend opinions. We believe not only in asking questions about the world around us, but also in striving to do better. We recognize that, as members of a global society, we must care about all people, regardless of where they come from. We also believe in being balanced and reflective, in making time for the creative arts and developing healthy habits.


As the principal of the school and father of three students here at MIS Country-Mérida, I have the good fortune to witness all the wonderful qualities this school has to offer. Our students participate daily in challenging, engaging and motivating learning opportunities that will prepare them to succeed anywhere in the world.


We appreciate your interest in our school and are available to talk with you at any time about our educational programs.




Dr. Chris Pearson

Head of School